Since Lucy is "gone" in Assassins Creed: Revelations Could this sort of Foreshadow the Black Room. What I mean is that the name Lucy comes from the Italian word Luce which means Light And up until Revelations they've mostly all had Light coloured Loading Screens which in turn the animus would "lose" the Light Coloured rooms.

Could this also Foreshadow the clothing colour of our main Protagonists of the Rennaissaince and Modern Day, Ezio having a Dark coloured Assassin Attire or would that just be because he is The Grand Master Of The Assassin Order e.g. Al Mualim's Black Robes, Altair's Armour however Desmond also wears Black So I doubt it that is the Grand Master.

1) Assassins Creed - There is a Blueish-Grey Loading screen - Altair's Clothing is Partly Grey (Though the Loading Screen colours may be because of Abstergo being mostly Blue and Grey/Silver).

2) Assassins Creed II - There is now a fully White Loading Screen - Ezio's/Giovanni's Robes are Mostly White.

3) Assassins Creed: Brotherhood - The White Room is still mostly the same apart from the times when it goes red - Ezio's Robes Robes are Pure White and Red.

4) Assassins Creed: Reveations - The Black Room Is now The Loading Screen - Ezio Has Dark Blue And Grey/Black Clothing as does Desmond.

And now at least 2 of the Protagonists are wearing Dark Coloured Attire i.e Desmond, Ezio and Possibly Altair.

What I mean By Altair is that Later On in the game you might be wearing Altair's Armour Which is Also Dark Coloured i.e Black.

And by also having Dark Colours Could They Also have Darker themes e.g More brutality, More killing?

And Whilst in the Black Room Could Subject 16 talk to Desmond like in the same way that Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun do sometimes or like the way Juno did in the end of AC: Brotherhood?

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