Hi guys just wanted to ask an for your opinion that me and my mate were discussing With the Ancient master Assassins such as Iltani, Amunet, Darius, Wei Yu and leonious as well As Marcus Junius Brutus They only to have Assassinated one Target in there lives well in a sense they were pretty important people in warfare and in a political sense But everyone I know want to know exactly what happened to these Assassin and how they executed their plans And ours thoughts came up with like if Ubisoft made like smaller AC downloadable titles that would be from 5-7 hours long just about the Assassins origins and the lead up to the events of the Assassination and the events leading after eg if Brutus was to have one I think it would probably be longer in a sense to also experience the war in Greece where he died. Like every assassin in each downloadable title would have different fighting style and different reasons wanting to kill this person 1 Like Darius would be more of a hidden blade fighter kind of like past games 2 Amunet would probably be more stealth, and acrobatics as well as puzzle solving and stabbing and making her cobra bite targets 3 Wei Yu would be a fight with a spear but imagine a fast moving spear fight throwing and meleeing enemies 4 leonius would be a simple Fighter with the Dagger but would have stratigise to do a nice kill 5 Marcus would be a jack of all trades using Acrobatics, swords, daggers etc to get the job done 6 well Iltani the only thing I know she used was poison which wouldn't go well with a fighting style but if it's with poisoned daggers in would word but same with Amunet it will be more stealth oriented and well exploring Babylon would be pretty cool I'd like to know your opinion on this subject should they do this or should they..... I don't know If u agree or if these ones arent ones you would imagine please suggest some others And of course Add stuff u would like to see from the others Assassin's creed: smaller Titles

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