Can someone tell me how Mario's memories fits into the other 3's stories because essentially project legacy is about the fight for the Shroud - Pettro Calderon uses the shroud for his son- Bartolomeo d' alviano defends it against the Templars at the battle of Agdellado but ultimately fails and the shroud falls into the hands of the templars through Niccolo di Pitigliano ( the familiar face Bartolomeo recognises) who I presume had betrayed Bartolomeo (as in history they where in the same side). Finally the next year- the Apprentice of Pettro Calderon - Francesco Vecellio (who I think was saved by proxy by the Shroud) who assassinates Niccolo in Longio - taking back the shroud. Please feel free to contribute/condemn/critiscize/compliment this view of events and show how mario fits into this story.

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