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    One of the AC: Revelations trailers goes like this:

    • I have lived my life to the best of my ability -- Shows Ezio (walking)
    • But I have not been able to escape fate -- Shows him sailing (to the Ottoman Empire)
      • anger -- Shows him fighting and killing
      • or pain -- Shows him being captured
    • Bring me the answers -- Shows him fighting (for the answers)
    • and the road that leads to truth -- Shows him looking at Altaïr.
    • Reveal to me once and for all how all of this will end

    Shows the Hidden Blade breaking.

    That means, all of this will end with breaking of the Hidden Blade; or defeat of the Assassins.

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  • Imam of Alamout

    The Teacher

    June 29, 2011 by Imam of Alamout

    Did you know what the word Al-Mualim actually means? It exactly means "The Teacher". Now is anyone of you familiar with The Da Vinci Code? Because there was character in the novel/movie that shared some characteristics with our beloved Al Mualim:

    • Like Almualim, he is the one who informs the assassin about the Templars to be killed.
    • Like Almualim, only at the end of the story you realize that he is the bad guy.
    • Like Almualim, he neither sides with the Templars nor with the 'assassins', and has his own aim.
    • You may say these are little similarities but the point is the DaVinci Code character calls himself "The Teacher".

    My point is, Ubisof must have had a look on The DaVinci Code before writing the story.

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