First,my deepest apologies for not posting that bug i promised,why i didnt?I seriously thought there is no reason to do so hehe,i had other worries then this but yet,i am sorry.Ok so what was this bug?Simple,after leaving certain memories in Brotherhood:Viana(Tehnical dificulties only),and the Cristina Memories such as Firenze and Venice,right before you are sent back to the loading screen in that EXACT second,you leave to the Menu go to Inventories and select a outfit(does no matter which one)and after that the game send you back to the place where you equiped your outfit.For example lets say i used the outfit in the Viana memory,you are sent back there.The are problem with that memory i do not know why,but for the others you could explore Firenze and Venice once again,and i think that is really interesting.I already tried this in revelations and i failed,also to remember that if anyone tries this to not use this while replaying a memory it does not work then,because it is a replay.I posted 2 links showing some pictures with Ezio in Firenze in 1476 after i did the outfit thing and a savegame(the savegame should send you back to the glitch on Viana)if it doesnt,then im sorry.Wells thats kinda the story.


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