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  • IlLupo-Prowler

    First,my deepest apologies for not posting that bug i promised,why i didnt?I seriously thought there is no reason to do so hehe,i had other worries then this but yet,i am sorry.Ok so what was this bug?Simple,after leaving certain memories in Brotherhood:Viana(Tehnical dificulties only),and the Cristina Memories such as Firenze and Venice,right before you are sent back to the loading screen in that EXACT second,you leave to the Menu go to Inventories and select a outfit(does no matter which one)and after that the game send you back to the place where you equiped your outfit.For example lets say i used the outfit in the Viana memory,you are sent back there.The are problem with that memory i do not know why,but for the others you could explor…

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  • IlLupo-Prowler

    I still remember

    December 6, 2011 by IlLupo-Prowler

    I remember when AC II got out how me and my friend where sad since Altair was no more in the game,he used to tell me how he hates the new armor and weapons,making him look bad as a assassin...that was some years ago and now when i look back and think of Ezio i see him as the bigest badass there ever was,and knowing he will not be in AC series makes me cry hard,it doesnt matter that he is not real,not for me.

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  • IlLupo-Prowler

    I am very disappointed because of the Outfits in ACR,if you ask me they are the worst outfits since the game started,Turkish Armor is ok but when in cinematic mode the mask comes off,The Armor of Brutus is the same but the cape since there isnt one anymore looks different then the one that was on the original armor,it doesnt match the color on the armor,plus Ezio's skin looks pale.The Altair Outfit is not the same with Ezio wearing them instead of Altair.And Uplay does not give us any kinda of outfits this time,making it worse.

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  • IlLupo-Prowler

    Quick question

    September 5, 2011 by IlLupo-Prowler

    I have read something and im really wondering,swords in Brotherhood such as Scimitar can only be obtained from guards correct?But when you reload the game the player loses the weapon?

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  • IlLupo-Prowler

    Ok so,i found several bugs in Brotherhood,nothing much but if you look at one of them is really amazing if you ask me,my savegame saved the bug so i basicly cuted the savegame in a folder for keeping and maybe...proof?I tooked several pictures of it and i can explain(I hope)how to achive this mysterious bug/glitch/error.So i thought about sharing in the Bugs erea,but what if it gets deleted?(I would really hate that)Or worse,i get baned for submiting fake material.I really dont know what to do,i so wish to share what i found,and im equaly scared to do so.So i hope someone could give me a courage boost... IlLupo-Prowler 23:01, August 23, 2011 (UTC)

    Just a update i funny are little things in life...IlLupo-Prowler 01:05, August 3…

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