I thought I’d try writing some fan fiction. This is my first time so it probably won’t be great. This will probably be a series.

15 November 2013 Chicago, Illinois. Site: “Temporary Storage”

Hidden Video Camera Footage

Steller: The room‘s all set for our guest.

Haast: When are these guys supposed to be here?

Steller: Soon. Our friend called a while ago and said the job was done.

Haast: Can we trust these guys? I mean, what do we know about them?

Steller: Kyle Dwendt, Donald Abuyen, Max O’Brien, and Jakob Gerrard. Beyond their names and the fact that they’re some badass mercenaries… not much.

Haast: That’s great. And what about our friend?

Steller: Would you relax? Assassins have used mercenaries for hundreds of years. Vigilantes even longer.

(A knock comes from the metal garage door.)

Steller: That’s Harpy. They’re here. Hoods up, masks on.

(The two Assassins put their hoods up and pulled masks over their lower face as the garage door opened. An ambulance backs into the garage. As the vehicle comes to a halt, Harpy closes the garage door. Kyle Dwendt and Donald Abuyen exit the driver’s and passenger’s seats. They proceeded to open the back doors, and help Max O’Brien and Jakob Gerrard remove a stretcher with Olivier Garneau on it.)

Steller: He’s not dead, is he?

Kyle Dwendt: No. Just knocked out.

Max O’Brien: He’s still in fine condition. And this lovely prize can be yours for the low price of twelve grand.

(Steller grabbed a duffle bag from a nearby table, and threw it to Max O’Brien. Max unzipped the bag and counted the counted the money. When he was done, Max looked at the Assassins.)

Max O’Brien: You boys don’t look like the type to have this much disposable income. He must be very valuable. I hope you didn’t have to do anything illegal to raise these funds.

Haast: Pickpocketing here and there, but mostly smart business investments.

Kyle Dwendt: Well. I guess we’re done here.

(The mercenaries got back into the ambulance. Harpy closed the garage door after the mercenaries left.)

Steller: Okay. Haast, get Olivier to the interrogation room. Harpy, look out duty.

(The two Assassins followed their orders as Steller made a phone call.)

Steller: Mr. Miles. We have “The Source.” We’re going to wake him up and begin session one, tomorrow we’ll move him to “Big Red.”

15 November 2013 Chicago, Illinois. Site: “Temporary Storage” Session One

Haast: Interrogation Session One. Subject Name: Olivier Garneau, CCO of Abstergo Entertainment. Mr. Garneau, do you know who we are?

Olivier: I have a pretty good idea.

Haast: Good. What are the Templars’ using Abstergo Entertainment for? What is Abstergo planning with Desmond’s body?

Olivier: Oh, Sample 17?

Haast: Desmond Miles. He had a name. Desmond Miles.

Olivier: Either way, I’m not talking.

(Haast starts to get angry.)

Haast: Look here you piece of…

Steller: Allow me. Names are important, Mr. Garneau. For example… Chloe Martin.

(He pulls out a file. Olivier appears shocked.)

Steller: It says here that you lost custody of her last year. It would be a shame, I imagine, if she became a number. Or a mere DNA source.

Olivier: You…!

Steller: From that point on, you buried yourself in your work. Which is what we’d like to know about.

(Olivier slumped down in his chair.)

Olivier: Okay. I’ll talk. Just don’t lay a finger on Chloe.

Steller: Good.

(Harpy walked through the door and whispered in Steller’s ear.)

Steller: Unfortunately, we will have to pick this up tomorrow. We have work we need to do.

(Steller stood up.)

Steller: Haast with me. Olivier, you’re going to stay here with Harpy. Oh, and don’t let her size fool you. She will wipe the floor with your ass. End of session one.

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