• Hugues de Payens

    Ardant's Computer

    December 28, 2015 by Hugues de Payens

    When Rebecca Crane was hacking into Isabelle Ardant ’s computer, she found a Helix Directory of British Assassins and Templars.

    The list of Templars included Reginald Birch , Edward Braddock , Josiah Burgess , Peter Carroll , Christopher Condent , Francis Cotton , Hilary Flint , Aubrey Hague , John Harrison , Francis Hume , Haytham Kenway , Charles Lee , George Monro , Benjamin Pritchard , Emmett Scott , Crawford Starrick , Samuel Smith , Perkin Warbeck , James Wardrop , and Lawrence Washington .

    The list of Assassins included Samuel Bellamy , Robert Fitzwalter , Emmett Frye , Evie Frye , Jacob Frye , Henry Green , Shaun Hastings , Annie Horniman , Edward Kenway , Moina Mathers , Miko , Louis Mills , Bernard Ruddock , Maria Thorpe , Upton Tr…

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  • Hugues de Payens

    I thought I’d try writing some fan fiction. This is my first time so it probably won’t be great. This will probably be a series.

    Hidden Video Camera Footage

    Steller: The room‘s all set for our guest.

    Haast: When are these guys supposed to be here?

    Steller: Soon. Our friend called a while ago and said the job was done.

    Haast: Can we trust these guys? I mean, what do we know about them?

    Steller: Kyle Dwendt, Donald Abuyen, Max O’Brien, and Jakob Gerrard. Beyond their names and the fact that they’re some badass mercenaries… not much.

    Haast: That’s great. And what about our friend?

    Steller: Would you relax? Assassins have used mercenaries for hundreds of years. Vigilantes even longer.

    (A knock comes from the metal garage door.)

    Steller: That’s Harpy. Th…

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