Assassins creed 4 : Black flag is a whole new beginning , featuring new methods of gameplay that will open a window to next gen consols including a high increase of graphic qualitites , smoother character controling and above all ; a whole new way to tell a story .

AC4 will present us to a new protagonist , Edward Kenway who is actually the father of Haytham and ergo Grandfather of Connor (AC3) and the internet is full of information regarding our new pirate assassin who am sure will be more than enjoyable to play as . But in the shadow of these great historical events lies the true story of this massive franchise , the cold and hidden war between the modern day templars known as abstergo , and the assassins who have lost already a big part of this war ! 

The main story told the tail of Desmond Miles , but after the events of assassins creed 3 we find ourselves with the question : Who will take on the journy after Desmond's gone ? 

Acording to Ashraf Ismail executive director of assassins creed 4 black flag , the Modern time protagonist will be you , me .. the player ! But frankly this does scare me a bit , being an assassins creed fan for it's great 3rd person characters and one of the people who enjoyed playing as desmond , I don't want to find myself being a 1st person camera just going in and out of the animus and completing some dull puzzles like the ones we had in the black room back in ACR ! 

However , i've been hearing some rumors that the player will be able to custumize his character before the main campaine starts , a la Mass effect ! But even with that we might end up with some gestures and facial expression problems , I mean it's not the same as having a fully designed character who was integrated with all the cutscenes and events through out the gameplay .

But again , it is a new game , one that will introduce us to what next gen games will be like so am still optimistic about this , cause I enjoyed playing as a modern time assassin , and I would love to do it again ! 

So tell me what do you and what are your expectations about this issue (the modern day character) 

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