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  • Hawkam

    Hey guys , I've been watching "ARROW" if any of u have ever watched it .. And i have two points i want your comments on : 1. Would you think that making an assassins creed tv show would be a good idea (either in the modern day like arrow or in the past a la games of thrones ) 2.and this is the main question - what if they cast stephen amell (oliver queen) as one of the main characters in the ac movie .. Perhaps daniel cross , he does look like him ! Tell me what do you think Hawkam:out

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  • Hawkam

    Hey Brothers and sisters , it's been a while .. 

    So I've been checking some of the AC4 news lately and the fact that you/me/him/her is going to be the new modern day protagonist actually brought a discussion to the subject and I realized that desmond was killed off more likely because people didn't like him .. 

    I personally loved all of desmonds sequences in all 5 games .. but what about you ? And if you didn't like him , then why ?? 

    btw excuse my bad spelling 

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  • Hawkam

    Assassins creed 4 : Black flag is a whole new beginning , featuring new methods of gameplay that will open a window to next gen consols including a high increase of graphic qualitites , smoother character controling and above all ; a whole new way to tell a story .

    AC4 will present us to a new protagonist , Edward Kenway who is actually the father of Haytham and ergo Grandfather of Connor (AC3) and the internet is full of information regarding our new pirate assassin who am sure will be more than enjoyable to play as . But in the shadow of these great historical events lies the true story of this massive franchise , the cold and hidden war between the modern day templars known as abstergo , and the assassins who have lost already a big part…

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  • Hawkam

    About Lucy Stillman

    March 27, 2013 by Hawkam

    After playing the Lost Archive DLC I can't help but feel that the lucy templar twist thing was a sudden change or heart for the people writing the main story of assassins creed , and that it wasn't supposed to happen that way when they first thought about making the franchise ! 

    I mean She seemed to be really nice and I think at the beginning she was supposed to become a love interest for desmond , all those little moments back in Abstergo in AC1 and exploring the caves underneath the auditore villa . 

    I think all of this happened because they realized that the fans had very little interest in the story of desmond , so they escalated these events quickly to get them all out of the way , one by one ! 

    Plz tell me what do you thnik about this p…

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