This will be my first blog post. Talking about the connections of Watch Dogs in the modern day of Assassins Creed and if the two franchises are actually connected. Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs have alot of similarities within the modern day aspect,  before the game came out people were wondering if it could be in the same universe as Assassins Creed, I think that it is. Here is some information to support this. I have not played the game yet so i may be missing some information. 

CtOS is a Central Operating System created and developed by blume coorporation that can run and maintain an entire cities eletrical devices, systems and security information, as It plays a heavy role in Watch Dogs as Aiden Pierce hacks into it and uses it on his phone to control cameras and devices. We have all seen that Blume emailed to a computer in Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag a message advertising that there could be a possibility to install ctOS monitoring systems in the abstergo entertainment facility we worked in. I highly doubt that it is merely an easter egg that such a big coorporation is in both games.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

File:Assassins-Creed-Watch-Dogs ctOS.jpg
File:CtOS van.jpg


Moving on to Olivier Garneaus precence in Watch Dogs. 

In Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Olivier Garneau dissapeared  on the way to a meeting in Chicago. Ordered by the assassins to take care of him, Aiden Pierce eventually kills Olivier Garneau in a side mission called "requiescat in pace". He dies in Watch dogs and is then not heared from ever again in Assassins Creed, it seems to be canon relating to the world of AC.

You could say that this is a confirmation that they are in one world but as far as i know not one person from Ubisoft has confirmed any connection. There is more information on this, and other connections in this video is also this image of a man who is killed, supposedly by Aiden, stating that he was an Abstergo employee. It says his name is Vemen Owen.

File:Vernen Owen.jpg


So i know alot of people may already know this but what i really want to know is how this will affect Assassins Creed, should we start making pages on this wiki about Watch Dogs? e.g. a page about Aiden pierce and could we expect Aiden Pierce to have some sort of role in the modern day of future AC games. Watch Dogs 2 is definetly going to happen and we can expect to hear more from the modern day in Assassins Creed in it.

Its pretty safe to say that they are indeed connected. Do you like these two games being in the one universe or do you think its a step in the wrong direction for Ubisoft, what do you think this means for future AC games.

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