Since I spend almost my whole days at home I watch a lot of documentaries and in one of then I saw the 'Dark light' or 'Ultraviolet light', it si capable of showing things invisible to our eyes. Suddenly a question came into my mind: Is the Eagle sense a biological Dark light?

Eagle sense is capable of revealing invisible thing almost identically as the Dark light does with some add ups, like identifying targets. Maybe the First Civilization biologically developed it just like some types of birds, the only differences betwen the Eagle sense and the Dark light are that the Dark Light does not show targets nor who's friend of foe or show weak points, apart from that it's everything almost the same, even the blueish is almost the same!

Maybe Ubisoft got the Eagle sense idea out of that Dark Light.

Well, this is just my point of view after seeing the documentary, not that this is actually truth.

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