NO Armor for AC games

As I know very well, everyone who played AC Brotherhood always wanted to remove the whole armor and I am no different so I made some test and got some tips with my graphics school professor and here is the result:

I managed to find out a way to remove ALL the armor for any PC version of any AC, HOWEVER, it is not comproved yet because I only tested with other games.

The idea is simple: A game doesn´t need all the file to work, for exemple; if there´s a missing texture the game will still run, however the texture will not be visible. That´s the idea, if yo have an AC for PC where you can enter the models file of the game (which for sure won´t be an original game), then you would simply remove the unwanted armor or character model to an outside folder. You could even replace it with another model by simply copying and renaming the model with the same name from the one you removed.

Just like I said before: I still did not tested it with AC. I only tested with other games.

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