aka Roselma Edemesia de Santana da Silva

  • I live in Brazil.
  • I was born on November 22
  • My occupation is Digital Arts Student
  • I am Female
  • Half-rose

    Since I spend almost my whole days at home I watch a lot of documentaries and in one of then I saw the 'Dark light' or 'Ultraviolet light', it si capable of showing things invisible to our eyes. Suddenly a question came into my mind: Is the Eagle sense a biological Dark light?

    Eagle sense is capable of revealing invisible thing almost identically as the Dark light does with some add ups, like identifying targets. Maybe the First Civilization biologically developed it just like some types of birds, the only differences betwen the Eagle sense and the Dark light are that the Dark Light does not show targets nor who's friend of foe or show weak points, apart from that it's everything almost the same, even the blueish is almost the same!

    Maybe Ub…

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  • Half-rose

    The Flag in the list

    April 1, 2013 by Half-rose

    Yeah, Black Flag is coming and this time I'm trully exited to play it, so much I already added it into my list of the games I'll buy. 

    Edward seems to be as insteresting as Ezio was, and there will surelly going to have a HUGE map to travel with a lot of damn animals to slaughter! However I just hope the game don't get a extremely mature scener or I'll have to play it only at night with my room locked or my father will surely murder me.

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  • Half-rose

    About that thing everyone who wanted to walk around with Ezio with armor, he's a good new; WE CAN!!!

    I managed to remove the armor after several tries and hundreds of failures. It was not in the way I thought first(which can still be comproved). I found that the easeast way was going throught the adress of the armor command and setting it from 1 to 0. However, for those who don't like codes and command adress, this might be a problem... I'm one of those, so stead of making all that rustic thing, I just used something called 'Cheat Engine' there you can change almost everything in the game(I said almost, not everything), and it works in almost any game.

    If you feel anoyed with your armor just make a 'code that does nothing' with Cheat Engine …

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  • Half-rose

    As I know very well, everyone who played AC Brotherhood always wanted to remove the whole armor and I am no different so I made some test and got some tips with my graphics school professor and here is the result:

    I managed to find out a way to remove ALL the armor for any PC version of any AC, HOWEVER, it is not comproved yet because I only tested with other games.

    The idea is simple: A game doesn´t need all the file to work, for exemple; if there´s a missing texture the game will still run, however the texture will not be visible. That´s the idea, if yo have an AC for PC where you can enter the models file of the game (which for sure won´t be an original game), then you would simply remove the unwanted armor or character model to an outsid…

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