If you follow AC Initiates (the website) then you'll know that it shows a map of the areas of where events happen (such as where Desmond is kidnapped, or where Abstergo takes him to). The most recent update on the site shows where Desmond finds access codes that allow him to leave his cell, and uses Lucy's pen to access emails (a link to this: And of course it shows an area on the map. Well I went on Google Maps and went exactly to where the area on the website is and I actaully found it! (link to this:,12.415616&spn=0.001702,0.003098&t=h&z=19) Now the link only shows a building but if you zoom out a little bit then you will see the whole area just like on AC Initiates. The picture on Google Maps shows enough of the building that you can see the floor where Desmond is in (top floor on left-half of building nearest to forest) and you can see where Vidic's desk is (small part of building closest to the forest pointing North-East) and you can also see the window at the side of Vidic's desk (right part of structure descibed before) and the building you see out of that window in AC1 (right-half of building).

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