Okay, so this is basically just me laying out my theories about the Assassin's Creed games and universe. Apart from wanting to put them down for the record, I also wouldn't mind hearing what other fans think of them. These are just the first batch; more will likely follow.

One more thing: these will contain spoilers for anyone who hasn't finished the main games in the series. You've been warned.

Update: New picture added to the second section.

Subject Sixteen: Dead or Alive?

(Note: I originally posted the following here the day before creating this account.)

Following the end of "The Truth" in Brotherhood, it's been my impression that, before drawing the glyphs/messages and committing suicide, Sixteen somehow "uploaded" his thoughts, memories, and personality--in other words, his mind--into the Animus. Apparently, he knew that Desmond would be the next subject, and wanted to help him. I think he knew that the recorded "Truth" files wouldn't be enough to make Desmond understand what he had to do, so he actually somehow uploaded himself. He waited deep within the machine's memory core, "lost", "cold", "alone", and "frightened", until Desmond found him through the Rifts. I have no doubt that he will make another appearance in the Animus to further attempt to guide him: "I am with you till the end. Find me in the darkness. . ."

Erudito's Identity

(Note: Again, originally posted here prior to creating my current account.)

I briefly thought Erudito might be William Miles, but on further thought, that actually seems unlikely. I figure it's most likely someone we've not yet met. However. . . a thought recently occurred to me. M

Lucy's workstation; note the screen on the right, showing Project Legacy.

ost of you probably already know that a Project Legacy screenshot is visible on one of Lucy's computer screens in Brotherhood (see picture). Now, naturally, I originally just accepted this as a simple Easter Egg and nothing more, and it probably is. But. . . what if it is more? The idea that more recently popped into my head was this: what if Lucy is Erudito? The image on the screen could be her hacking into Abstergo's server; and it might explain, one, how Erudito is able to so easily hack into their mainframe without being detected, and two, how he/she is able to give Desmond Lucy, Shaun, and Rebecca's passwords.

The Truth Behind "The Truth"

Warning! This theory, in the event it is correct, contains what would be major spoilers! Furthermore, what you are about to read is of an epic, staggering nature, and may, in fact, blow your mind.

No, seriously though, I'm sure plenty of other, more clever fans figured this out well before I did. On the other hand, this may sound totally ridiculous, even stupid--in which case, please don't judge me too harshly. Anyway, it may be a bit lengthy, so bear with me. . .

Now, this first struck me a few short months ago (I can't remember exactly when, but in December/January). I was replaying the Truth puzzles in Brotherhood, and was on the tenth and final "Cluster" (which includes a painting of Adam and Eve), when a thought crossed my mind. While it first seemed like a bit of a silly idea, the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. When I reached the end of the Truth sequence and watched the encounter between Desmond and Sixteen again, that officially cemented it in my mind.

In said scene, Sixteen says to Desmond: "Eden. Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA..." So, what does this mean? How is it possible for Desmond to go to Eden and find Eve, when neither have existed for God knows how long? I see three possibilities: one, he must go to the former site of Eden and dig up Eve's remains; two, Eve is somehow still alive as of 2012; or three--and again, bear with me--he has to travel back in time. Sounds crazy, right? the conference room e-mail in AC1, Alan Rikkin mentions an as-of-yet unidentified Piece of Eden that can apparently manipulate time and space (as used in the Philadelphia Project).

So let's say that that's what happens in AC3: Desmond finds this Piece of Eden, uses it to go back to [DATE CLASSIFIED] B.C.E., goes to Eden, and finds Eve. (Incidentally, this may explain how she was able to break free of the Pieces' influence--maybe Desmond freed her!) So what's the endgame? Why is her DNA so crucial? How does Desmond get back to his own time, assuming he does at all? These questions, I have no answers for yet. But there's one more issue that comes to mind: where is Adam in all of this? Does Desmond meet him? That one, I think I can answer.

And therein lies the kicker. That thought that occurred to me a couple of months ago. It has been speculated, naturally, t
Adam and Eve

The best look we've gotten at Adam's face.

hat Adam and Eve are Desmond's ancestors...which may still be possible, but it's not quite what I'm getting at. No. I think that there's a reason that we never get a good look at Adam's face in the video, and only hear his voice so briefly. I don't think that Desmond meets Adam (necessarily); I think that Desmond is Adam.

You heard me right. Desmond is Adam. Adam is Desmond. They are one and the same.

Think about it. It's already known that Nolan North voiced Adam; he actually sounds exactly like Desmond. Does this automatically make them the same character? Of course not, but it does lend t

"Uh...when did you grow a beard?"

o the possibility. As I mentioned above, his face is never clearly shown in the video, but from looking at stills from the end (see picture above), he seems to bear at least something of a resemblance to Desmond. Again, this doesn't confirm anything, as it could simply mean that he's yet another ancestor who just happens to be identical to his distant descendant (I'm looking at you, Altaïr and Ezio). But again, it lends to the theory. Also, on a minor note, early
promotional screenshots from Brotherhood (left) show Desmond having grown a beard much like Ezio's. Though this was obviously dropped by the time the game was released, it crossed my mind that it could have later become the full beard sported by Adam. This is still sort of a theory in progress, but what do you think so far? Is your mind blown yet?

And that concludes tonight's edition of Theories, Fanon, and Other Absent-minded Ramblings.

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