Okay, so this is basically just me randomly laying out my theories, fanon, unaswered questions and whatnot about the Assassin's Creed games and universe. Apart from wanting to put them down for the record, I also wouldn't mind hearing what other fans think of them.

Part I

For part one, go here.

Part II

For part two, go here.

Part III

...Aaaaand we're back. Today, I'd like to present a little discovery I made earlier today (I'm sure others have figured this out, although I've never seen or heard mention of it).


In the Truth files, a modern-day version of the Templar Cross makes several appearances; specific examples I remember include, in AC2, the letter regarding the JFK assassination in glyph #9 and the one regarding the atom bomb testing in glyph #13; and in Brotherhood, the "quarantine zone" in cluster #5. Looks pretty much like any other Templar Cross, but with four letters arranged around it: I, H, S, and V. Today, thanks to the wonders of Google, I finally figured out what this means. The Latin phrase In Hoc Signo Vinces appears on various coats-of-arms; it means "By This Sign, Conquer." And, if you listen to the audio clip in cluster #10 in Brotherhood--the one in which an unidentified Grand Master leaves a message for his successor in January, 2012--it's exactly what he ends the message with. (You actually have to listen for it, as the subtitles got effed up for that particular clip.) Looks like we have another official Templar motto.

I actually intended to put more into this post, but I'm having some computer and schedule issues--in that my computer is slowly dying, and I'm hungry. I might put some more up tomorrow. Until then, I'm out.

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