After playing the DLC Da Vinci Disappearance there have been many major hints and clues as to the next Assassin’s Creed

The goal of the downloadable piece was to save Leonardo da Vinci after he was captured.

He has discovered underground catacombs that lead to a chamber, built by the Pythagoreans. And of course, as in any science fiction story, someone else wants it.

Ezio eventually makes his way to Leonardo and saves him, where the duo are urged onward into the chamber.

A large hole was in the roof of the initial entrance chamber. The secrets of the Pythagoreans lie within.

The Pythagoreans believed that all aspects of nature came down to numbers and equations; if man could discover these numbers, they could control nature itself.

After the chamber was opened, a room shockingly familiar to that of the end of Assassin’s Creed 2 and Brotherhood was discovered, with a pedestal in the middle.

Ezio placed his hand on the pedestal, and numbers began to show everywhere. Da Vinci picked out a certain string of numbers and letters: 43, 39, 19, N, 75, 27, 42, W.

Upon first glance, they mean nothing. And that’s precisely what Leonardo thought.

Ezio urges the disappointed Leonardo to leave, saying that this information was not for them.

That’s the end… or is it?

Remember that hole I talked about? Well, click that image on the side.

When I saw that sequence, my mind automatically recognized it as latitude and longitude coordinates

It actually exists, but near
a small town in New York [state] called Glenfield

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