Hai. I'm pretty new here to this wiki, and as you can see I've created just one fanon, you can view it here, ACFanon:James Smith. Personally, I kinda think It's pretty bad, 'cause the storyline is pretty messed up to me. But back on topic, I know a lot of Assassin's Creed fans would like to create their own Assassin, and probably put it in game as a skin, or anything like that. So, If anybody has been wondering this as well, what if...Ubisoft, made a Assassin's Creed character customizer? What If they could make him/her a Templar or a Assassin, make their own storyline, weapons, and abilities, and make their own ancestors? To me, that would of been epicly awesome. Because, I would have love the fact that AC fans would be able to make their own Assassin's, or Templars. Also, I've read on a article, before the ACU trailer came out that, Ubisoft had a poll on saying "If they could customize their Assassin". I kind of have hopes for this. But, I doubt the fact that they would let make their own Assassin/Templar Still, like I said I have hopes for this to happen. If it did exist, it would of been really entertaining. And...yes...I've kept down a list down of customizable items, because I had these in mind for a while.

For example,

Hoodies, you would be able to change their color and design the inside and outside.

Facial features, just to add on your character. Also, a skin color to change, that was very detailed.

Make animations or new abilites to add on your character.

Create new weapons, for example, like 3 large metal claws down to their hand.

Customize clothes, the same you would for hoodies, pants, shirt, jacket, robes, etc.

Make a name for him/her, and of course change the gender.

And as said above, your free to make your own ancestor.

Yep, that's the whole list of the possible list for a 'possible' character customizer. So, what do you guys think of this? You can post your opinions on the comment section if you want.

Also, here's the link for the article, If you want proof. Though, this was just the  the multiplayer "if they could customize their character", sorry If that was a downer, still, guys, have hopes for it. [1]

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