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  • Gojiran103

    Hai. I'm pretty new here to this wiki, and as you can see I've created just one fanon, you can view it here, ACFanon:James Smith. Personally, I kinda think It's pretty bad, 'cause the storyline is pretty messed up to me. But back on topic, I know a lot of Assassin's Creed fans would like to create their own Assassin, and probably put it in game as a skin, or anything like that. So, If anybody has been wondering this as well, what if...Ubisoft, made a Assassin's Creed character customizer? What If they could make him/her a Templar or a Assassin, make their own storyline, weapons, and abilities, and make their own ancestors? To me, that would of been epicly awesome. Because, I would have love the fact that AC fans would be able to make their o…

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