Now that is a very very very very very very very VERY long shot but lets try it anyway.

Assassin's Creed Victory is placed in 19 century London, the time of the Ripper murders so he could be a target well not in main missions but side missions which would take more then just one side mission (hey a guy can dream). Anyway sins no one knows the right time period all we know is that AC Victory in set in the 19 century we don't know if it was the end or the beginning of the 19 century and sins the Ripper murders started at 1888 its hard to say.

But if there would be a mission then here's how i would imagine it (in 3 different versions): 1) He is sent to kill the Ripper he successfuly finds him and there is a chase sequence (of corse) he catches him and kills him and then he hides the corpes, 2) He is sent to kill the Ripper he successfuly finds him and there is a chase sequence (of corse) but this time he is unable to catch the Ripper so that will be the last time we will see him in the game and 3) The same thing that happened in the second but this time there will more Jack the Ripper missions to come.

So lets just end this while there are no normal comments that i usually get on my blogs you know the one that makes me want to kill myself, im too late aren't i.

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