Ok so I started playing Assassin's Creed on September 2 and played every memory block on each day from September 2-8 because those are the exact dates Desmond entered the Animus (if it was real). Just today I started playing AC 2 right after and stopped playing after Memory 6 in which Desmond gets out of the Animus and dreams of Altair. I will continue playing the rest tomorrow. Now, here is my question:

I am about to play Assassin's Creed Brotherhood soon. The emails apparently show which days we are on, which combines with the times Desmond leaves the Animus. And because of the emails (earliest known is September 17), the group sets up camp in Monterrgioni and continues the memory of Ezio on September 17, 8 days after leaving the hideout in AC 2. Lucy said something about a cabin up north (not the Villa but a CABIN) and the comics as well, so I assume in that week that stay in a cabin or on the road with Desmond until they get to the Viila. Now I want to plan out my times I get out of the Animus to correlate to each day I play a memory block.

So my question is: how many memory blocks in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood? How many times are you forced out of the animus (like after every memory block in AC1)? And after which memory blocks does this occur? Thanks!

P.S. the Last memory block and remainder of the modern assassin story will end on October 10th (the day Lucy dies), and I remember there being a cutscene where Lucy says in the Villa it's October 8th (two days before the end). Which memory block ends before this cutscene?

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