A lot of you have already seen the concept art of the Modern Hidden Blade from the Encyclopedia. Some of you may have also seen the Shock Blade concept art. In case you haven't though, both of them are included below.

They both look interesting, right? Well, this post is dedicated to the latter - The Shock Blade, one that I like to call "The Hidden Taser". First of all, it looks badass. Second, it's a goddamn TASER on your wrist, what more could you want?

Now a lot of you may be wondering, "But GI, why on earth would we need a Taser on our wrist? Wouldn't it be easier to just stab them with the good old Hidden Blade?"

Well, my fellow Wikian, that's a very good question. The answer however, is quite simple. In modern times, you can't just go around killing people. A lot more than just a few guards will be on your tail and with all the tracking systems and forensics, you'll be found real quick. So, for people who are just in your way, you can just zap them and move the body. No need to worry about someone finding a body and sending the entire CIA on your trail. For targets that need a little more personal attention, use your Hidden Blade, though you'd have to carefully wipe off the evidence. Also, it's a non-lethal weapon, so, as evil as it may sound, you can actually attack civilians.

Another use Sharath made me think of is the ability to fry circuitry. This opens up a whole array of possibilities because in the modern world, most things depend on electricity. You could theoretically shut off alarms, cut off the power supply to that oh-so-secret evil machine Abstergo cooked up, disable or at least damage the Animi Training Program, etc.

Enough of me rambling on though, I want to know what YOU think. That's right, you. Leave a comment below about the Shock Blade and whether you think it will make it to the game, what you think of it, or any clever ideas you can think of for its use.

Remember, we're discussing concept art. It means that the Shock Blade, much like the Trident Blade amongst other hidden blade concepts, might not make it to the final game.

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