Hey guys i did a little research over the last 2 months about the next assassin's creed i checked other AC forums and i read about the possible settings. I think you all know that the email that you obtain from hacking a collegues pc is just darby mcdevitt parodying us the fans crying about those locations, so i did a research about those locations over the games, comics and the AC Wiki. 

Feudal Japan : Weapon : The hidden Blade isn't an iconic weapon..only in europe, middle east and the colonies.Therefore Feudal Japan was massive and beautiful and i want the series to go there maybe they could keep the hidden's possible...but Jade Raymond...Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto and Executive Director stated that Feudal Japan will not be the next setting in AC5 !          

Ancient times ( Rome, Greece ) : The hidden blade wasn't even invented then ! 

The Empire Of Xerxes : It could be possible because the hidden blade was invented and recorded in use by the assassin Darius who came up with the idea of it.

Alexander The Great : Possible because it's after the events of Xerxes and the invention of the hidden blade and also the variety of different cultures due to the many conquests of Alexander imagine the cities, the flavors and the variety of cultures all mixed in ONE Assassin's Creed game, we ask for Egypt, Asia, Greece it's all there, you can only imagine how big the map will be..but then again this is just a speculation. 

Revolutions ( French..etc. Ubi incudes many revolutions in there question Where do want your AC game to go next ?

I don't think that we will see another revolution in another my perspective they would just repeat the same motif from AC3 and that's not good they want to keep the game with fresh ideas as do we, as for connor i think his story is over so don't get your hopes up ; )   

Wild West + WW1 & WW2 : Out for the question no machine guns, revolvers allowed and it wouldn't fit in the AC universe 

King Arthur : I think it's possible he also retrieves one of the swords of eden in other words the Excalibur so the idea it's good don't you agree ? 

Victorian England : I think you all are tired of England's " accomplishments " and torture and it also includes American civil war weapons such as revolvers etc that also leaves American civil war out of the picture. 

I want your opinion as well

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