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  • Funstrings98

    I just heard about a new installment called Assassin's Creed : Unity and it's set in 18th century Paris..and ubi states that it's one of the AC projects to that makes me a little curious, does this mean that we will have two seperate AC games ? From my perspective..that seems freaking awesome two games in one year that's amazing !

    Don't you agree ? 

    Oh and please all of you out there saying that the series should be eliminated..stop the hate and give it some love..!!! 

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  • Funstrings98

    Hey guys i did a little research over the last 2 months about the next assassin's creed i checked other AC forums and i read about the possible settings. I think you all know that the email that you obtain from hacking a collegues pc is just darby mcdevitt parodying us the fans crying about those locations, so i did a research about those locations over the games, comics and the AC Wiki. 

    Feudal Japan : Weapon : The hidden Blade isn't an iconic weapon..only in europe, middle east and the colonies.Therefore Feudal Japan was massive and beautiful and i want the series to go there maybe they could keep the hidden's possible...but Jade Raymond...Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto and Executive Director stated that Feudal Japan will …

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