[the single most awesome video that gave me the idea for this]
[explanation for this wishlist]

So, I was watching this video, "The Creed", and it got me to thinking, "Hey, Desmond was an assassin at one point, right? How come he hasn't gotten a game?", so, should this game be made, here are the features I hope will make it in.

  1. Cars, we're not in 15th century Italy anymore.
  2. It should be a prequel, it wouldn't fit in well if it was just plopped in at the end of the series.
  3. Busy streets, makes it easier to blend in.
  4. Guns. And no, that wristwatch pea shooter doesn't count.
  5. A grappling hook? No? Okay then...
  6. Stealthier stealth sections, hiding in a haystack isn't as cool as sittin on a bench pretending to be an NPC.

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