No more Ezio?Well that's really crazy.At least let's see him in another handheld,but we already are aren't we?Surprised?I bet you are,Ubi intended to make this game as a handheld game for (probably) PSP.But what happened?Hah,don't ask,the multi idea was an idea that Ubi reconsidered the game and decided to make it for consoles so people can experience it well.But is this all the story?NO.There was a PSP title underway,which was going to be about Nikolai and the comic about Ezio's works after brotherhood.But everything went Vice versa with the PSP title scrapped after fans wanted to see a new ancestor.Well,it seems Ubi was under a lot of pressure.Poor guys.Now what do you have to say about this stuff? Intrested?

Nikolai instead of Ezio?

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