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  • I live in Tehran
  • I was born on July 4
  • I am male
  • Farzad funny

    Remember the E3 demo?In which a guard approaches Ezio while sitting on bench and Ezio kills him.I just tested it and it works.Even though you are never taught how.Just sit on a bench and when a gaurd is approaching you,just lock on and assassinate him.The Ezio will put that guy instead of himself and the people on the bench will keep him from falling.Cool huh?The best way for you to keep the seekers away from following or blowing your cover when you are exposed.But have you seen them when the other gaurds find the dead guard?I won't spoil it.Do it yourself.

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  • Farzad funny

    Ok,the title tells all.But for more info: Did you pre-order?If you did,did you pre-order the Collectors or standard? If you pre-ordered the collectors which one?And which one you actually prefer? Hard? Of course!!!

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  • Farzad funny

    No more Ezio?Well that's really crazy.At least let's see him in another handheld,but we already are aren't we?Surprised?I bet you are,Ubi intended to make this game as a handheld game for (probably) PSP.But what happened?Hah,don't ask,the multi idea was an idea that Ubi reconsidered the game and decided to make it for consoles so people can experience it well.But is this all the story?NO.There was a PSP title underway,which was going to be about Nikolai and the comic about Ezio's works after brotherhood.But everything went Vice versa with the PSP title scrapped after fans wanted to see a new ancestor.Well,it seems Ubi was under a lot of pressure.Poor guys.Now what do you have to say about this stuff? Intrested?

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  • Farzad funny

    What the HELL??!!!!

    August 4, 2010 by Farzad funny

    I can't believe it.I contributed non-stop for 14 days to wiki and when i try to contribute again the counter resets and sets my A%S on fire.WTF??!!! Now i have to contribute for ONE MONTH!!! Holy S*IT!!! Why,just tell me why???? *sobbing*

    BTW,be sure to check out my talk page especially the "Any Comments..." part.I'll be glad to hear your voice. (No stupid post PLS)

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  • Farzad funny

    I think the best way to promote the badges is to put monthly awards.I'm sure the Admins can produce some badges to award people.Well,it works like this: Each month we get to get some people chosen by Admins to participate in the Awards.The list of nominations will be published and the votings will begin (NOTE:The ones who were nominated can't vote and Admins cannot be nominated).The nominations are chosen by the Top Contributors.Each will have own category.Like Award for Timeline Edit,Overall Contribution,Top Scorer (Achievements).I'm sure this Awards will improve the Wiki.

    Well,that's my idea:Like it or not?

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