Fanina is back here. So now, to the action.

"What is a man but the sum of his memories?" - Subject 16

History of the Creed

I have one idea and I need you people to say if it's good enough. Maybe we could even make it together.

By the time of release of AC3 the Universe will have a looong story, and I think we should make some kind of trailer where we may show crucial moments of story in previous installements (Death of Al Mualim, for example), short episodes of gameplay, all with some epic AC music in the background, and give credit toUbisoft and to ourselves, thus promoting both AC3 and the Wiki. The problem is that I don't know how to make suck videos. Whoever can or wants to help, I ask you for help with ideas or videoepisodes. I think we will need these:

- Altair's Loss at Solomon's Temple

- Assassinating some targets

- Death of Al Mualim

- Death of Altair

- Birth of Ezio

- Auditore Execution

- Revelation in Vatikan

- Death of Mario

- Assassination of Rodrigo

- Killing Caesare

- Ezio hidding the Apple

- Ambush in Masyaf

- Killing Ahmet

- Revelation in Masyaf

And leave Desmond. He's not so epic as Altair or Ezio or, at least, hasn't any epic moments of himself.

And second, the Rope Dart: is it a modification to Hidden Blade, a secondary one, or a separate weapon? Does it work like a grappling hook or a batclaw?

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