• Fangoffenrir

    My name Is John Ledra. I am a lycan-Vampire hybrid. I was born in a human village in Italy in 1433 and I am only 19 years old physically. I only know that my parents were a lycan and a vampire. My dark brown hair and yellow eyes hide beneath them a dark animal of the night. I never knew my father or my mother. I know that the vampires have some of the secrets of my past. So I fight for the Ordoghaz Coven, killing the Lycans swiftly and brutally. In my eyes, I am a Death Dealer. To Italy, I am an Assassin.

    May fifth, 1485. Dawn penetrated the window of my little place in Florence. It wasn’t bad, but I rarely stayed in one place for long. My face, or at least my human face, was all over the city. Many people have offered me shelter from the g…

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