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Falco Luce del Sud-Est

aka Sinahiinn Falchaune

  • I live in a room, in a hall, in a school in...
  • I was born on April 15
  • My occupation is Student, YouTuber, Director, Assassin.
  • I am very, very malevolent.
  • Falco Luce del Sud-Est

    Hello fellow wiki members, name's Falco, and I'd like to open my services to hand drawn, colored and computer edited avatars to anyone who requests one, since I'm back from my lousy exams. I'll be doing said requests as well as my part as an editor in the wiki and putting ore effort in said work. Feel free to send me a message or chat on IRC as I will be there frequently. I am also available to play with in ACB and soon ACR multiplayer. I play on PC and my gamer tag's M4lEvO7eNcE. Maybe I might film my gameplay and post it on YouTube, name some special guests. Right now, gonna start a Dead Island Let's play. if you wanna see that look up a Malevolence4799 on YouTube. Glad to have your time, Il Falcone 12:40, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Falco Luce del Sud-Est

    I suddenly thought of drawing avatars(depending on their respective nature and 'rank') and putting them on my page to recommend them for help... :) Am I allowed to that, coz if i am I also want to draw avatars of myself going through ranks of the Assassin Brotherhood... I'll probably draw Altair, Desmond and Ezio together as well...

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  • Falco Luce del Sud-Est

    I think I may have accidently messed up the Head Admin's talkpage by leaving a message. No idea how.

    I really need help to sort this out...

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  • Falco Luce del Sud-Est

    Hey guys, how're you doing? Great? Great.

    I'm confused. Ezio's new robes. Why'd they change so much?

    It is kinda cool that the robes are like black now, or dark grey or blue, yea. It marks him as the Grand Master of the Assassin Order (Or at least in Italia). Il Mentore. Guardian of the secrets of the Assassin Order.

    But some other things, don't feel his style. Why did he not fashion the open-collar style that made him badass. What happened to most of his gear. Why bear the Assassin isgnia of the 12th Century. Why not buy a new friggin cape after he thre it away in the E3 Trailer. Was the fur stuff left over from the Armor of Brutus? Wasn't Ezio suppose to re-retrieve the Armor of Altair from the Monterrogionni ruins? Why does he have an Otto…

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