I'm sorry if this is a bother but bear with me. Now maybe you have got a post like this before but I wanna make one as well. *Ahem*

Just WHAT IS THE HIDDEN BLADE MADE OF?! Is it made out of titanium or ADAMANTIUM or something? I mean come on, the hidden blade pierces all armour. If you saw the AC:B literal trailer by Tobuscus (which is awesome) the subtitle says "Maybe those guards have good armour" <hidden blade stab to the armoured stomach> "No they Don't! Maybe ""they"" do. they...<throws knives at there chests>..DON'T!"

Now this got me come the hidden blade goes through all armour? I mean the brute is the most heavily armoured unit in the game and the killing animations with the sword/dagger etc. makes sure that Ezio only hits a weak spot in the armour BUT! when you hidden blade stab him or do that combo kill where he does several stabs at the same time to one point in his stomach the brute dies instantly. Practically the only armour the hidden blade had trouble with were Shakulu's armour and Cesare's armour.

I find this pretty weird cause it pretty much destroys the whole point of wearing armour. AC 1 has an excuse cause the toughest armour the enemies wore was chainmail and chainmail is relatively easy to penetrate unlike plated armour. Granted that crossbow bolts can pierce armour (due to the power behind the shot) but it doesn't make sense for the hidden blade to be able to penetrate any armour.

Luckily in AC III there is no real metal armour (since what kind of idiot wears armour in an age of guns and bullets, plus, bullet proof vests weren't invented yet) so we won't experience this abnormility.

What are your thoughts about this?

EDIT: I forgot to mention. This is off topic but, remember the good old days of AC 1 ? You know what I miss about it? The ability to finish off a downed enemy with the hidden blade if you feel like it. THAT WAS MY FAVOURITE!!! and I was VERY dissapointed in the sequels where they removed that ability. For instance I accidently use my fists because Ezio is too slow to unsheathe his sword and that causes Ezio to do a neck crack or a tacle and head stomp on the unsuspecting enemy. What I hate is that the guy SHOULD HAVE DIED!!! I BROKE HIS FREAKING NECK FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

Ahem...Anyway, I hate watching the enemy rolling on the floor without dying or getting up, so I usually throw him into the river or into a hay bale. I really want to hidden blade finish but the game won't let me. So when ever I get bored, I simply play AC 1 and go to a area with few soldiers and start murdering all the civilians, if one of them runs away I chase after them by horse and after they are downed I get off the horse and hidden blade kill them in order to end their suffering. (I hate seeing people suffer in pain)

EDIT: Oh and one more thing, did any of you notice that while you are the seventeen year old Ezio who has never killed, you can do a HIDDEN BLADE ASSASSINATION BEFORE YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT A HIDDEN BLADE LOOKS LIKE?! I was surprised. I simply came near a bunch of Pazzi fist fighters and I just high profiled them from behind and to my shock I used the hidden blade animation and for some weird reason the Pazzi supporter actually DIED!!!! This is one glitch that is not exactly a glitch more of a lucky move.

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