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    Possible Templars today?

    August 31, 2012 by Ezio181

    First of all I would like to expressly apologise if for any reason anyone becomes offended by this, plus all my condolences to the families of those lost or injured due to the 22 July 2011 attacks (R.I.P.), but it seems that they may have spawned Templars. Anders Breivik, the man who orchestrated and performed these attacks, claims to be "A foot soldier of the Knights Templar". This got me thinking. The Norwegian Police found no links to Assassin's Creed or historical sources recounting any parto of the Crusades. Therefore, he must know something. Mario Auditore said "Templars disbanded 200 years ago" in the late 1480's. Check any history book about the Crusades and they will say they disbanded after the last Crusade in the 1200's. And fin…

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  • Ezio181

    hey guys i just found this picture here:

    if you have a look, the hook blade is seperate from the regular hidden blade.

    But here:

    Ezio seems to have his hook blade fused in one with his main hidden blade. does anybody know what the deal is?

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