aka Jonathon

  • I live in Edmonton
  • I was born on November 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am M
  • Ev4sIoN

    In one of my current classes we have been assigned to choose a topic and create our own content on our topic. I have chosen "Assassins Creed Lore" as my topic and have started writing my own view on the games/story/characters/etc. 

    All the content so far (can be viewed here) has been written by me to educate or entertain the masses on Assassins Creed. I do browse around from some refresher information, but also throw the games in so I can gather other information.

    The website itself can be viewed here:

    The content I have written has not been copied from any site as I realize that the story of the game and for all the characters can be found just about anywhere. My intention is to have it all summarized …

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