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  • I live in Near Austin, Texas
  • I was born on October 1
  • I am Male
  • EmeraldCorruption

    Well alright, here we go. This is basically a bunch of information I have recieved from some sources that I will keep anonymous, having ties with Gameinformer, Gametrailers, and several more. A lot of this is unconfirmed but highly backed up with other information and connections. The whole point of the blog is to try and explain why, despite the insanities of piracy we have seen thus far, AC4 is very much still an assassin game.

    Well, initially, this is probably the biggest issue with the entire actual connection to the original series. In the series, the existence of stealth has been fading dramatically. Then, we get this information that we are going to be a...pirate? Yeah, well, based off the previous Naval missions, and history, giant …

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  • EmeraldCorruption

    Everything Locked

    November 3, 2012 by EmeraldCorruption

    Hey everyone, I realize that the choice of the admins is for the protection and betterment of the wiki, but seriously? I can't do a bloody thing, at all. I can't add any pictures, I can't write up some beautiful and amazing bio about someone like Haytham, and I simply can't contribute where it is most useful. I want to help out, but I can't, and I have the time too. I don't know, I am sure you people understand what I mean. Can anyone explain to me when I will be able to do something? Or what I can do now at the very least...? Thanks.

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  • EmeraldCorruption

    Alright, hello to everyone who might read this, I just need to know a few things for the future that are sort of major. I don't really now all or really any of the limitations for edits on the articles, and specifically the Assassin's Creed III ones I am going to be working on. I feel that this is where I can best put my efforts, and I will be playing the game on release day and trying to help out as much as I can on here. I just don't really know what I can and can't do, or how I am supposed to do any of it. I saw the manual of style, so I get that I guess, I might have to refer back, but what about everything else? Can someone help me out here or something? In addition I would like some simple Wiki tips here so that I can be the best I c…

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