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  • Elchzard

    Hello everyone, your friendly neighbourhood Istruttore Elchzard here, with news on some awesome new userboxes from the wonderful War Clown!
    They're centered around online play, so, without further ado, onto the Userboxes!


    So, to use them, just add the correct code given above to your userpage, obviously replacing "your name" with your username on the service the userbox is for.

    You can see them in action on my user page or in War's sandbox.

    Any problems, drop a comment below and someone will help you out.

    Elch out!

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  • Elchzard
    "What Ezio says when his blade doesn't spring."

    To enter a creative quote into the giveaway, simply comment on this blog post with the quote you wish to enter.
    Remember, you're only allowed to enter one quote. Additional entries will be disqualified.

    Before entering, make sure you read the full details on the contest, here.

    Good luck!

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  • Elchzard

    Coming June 2011...
    Following recommendations from the person who got us retweeted by the official Assassin's Creed Twitter, Gabe Graziani...
    From the man who bought you the Revelations News post...
    Social Networking!

    Yes, that's right, we now have a place on all of your favorite social networking sites!
    I am very pleased to give you the news that the awesome Subject 16* is now officially our Community Developer!
    This means that in addition to the frankly wonderful job he is doing as a member of the Istruttorium, 16* will now handle our outlets to the rest of the world, AKA, our new Twitter and Facebook pages!
    I'm going to take this opportunity to offer my personal congratulations to 16*, and wish him a massive amount of luck! :D

    So, without further…

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