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  • Edward Dorian

    So, has anyone noticed how things have gone super quiet concerning a certain 2.5D side-scrolling trilogy of AC games?

    What's the deal with that? Have they abandoned the whole thing?

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  • Edward Dorian

    I need to know what is going on in the modern day since Unity and Rogue. I know about the Grey and Phoenix Project, but is there anything else interesting going on?

    Also, does the Initiates website work anymore?

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  • Edward Dorian

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I've noticed that Ubisoft always teases their next settings, very subtly. In AC Brotherhood, we already know they teased III and Unity in the Colosseum vault, and in III, they teased Black Flag with the naval aspect and William Kidd's story. Now they've really been teasing the Far East, from featuring an Asian Templar in Black Flag to Shao Jun, and even to featuring Katanas in Unity and Rogue. And the rope darts.

    To add to this, after Syndicate it looks like they will have used all the cool European settings, not to mention the fact that we've been asking for this for I don't know how long! Since we've been to China, and we will already have been to India, I think Japan is pretty much the best option.

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  • Edward Dorian


    April 19, 2015 by Edward Dorian

    The whole Arno being able to see the memories of his victims thing was a missed opportunity. That could have opened up some interesting new stuff in the series, but it was reduced to being a flimsy plot device that the writers didn't even bother to explain. Unless someone actually knows what's going on on that front. I just hope they put a little more thought in the next one.

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