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  • EagleEye19

    So yeah the title is pretty self explainatory, but my problem with it is that it has been over a year since they put it on hold, and now I'm startin' to worry since the last game in Desmond's story is drawin' even closer now. Does anyone have any idea what the hold up is?

    P.S. I know the page says that there department is missin', but I want to know what u think is the problem from an outside the game perspective

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  • EagleEye19

    I am currently in the process of makin' an Assassin's Creed short film, I have a problem. I don't know how to make a piece of eden and it is central to the plot of my story, if anyone has ever made one please let me know how u made with a list of materials and instructions. Thank you my fellow assassins

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  • EagleEye19

    Who is Erudito?

    November 5, 2010 by EagleEye19

    As you all know, there is a game on Facebook called Assassin's Creed:  Project Legacy, where you play an Abstergo employee revisiting the memories of key figures of the Italian Renassiance. Throughout the course of the game you will be given a survey at the end of each chapter. Depending on what question you answer, and the answer itself you will be sent e-mails from a mysterious figure Who calls him/herself "Erudito." All we know about this person is that he/she is not a friend of Abstergo, knows quite a lot about them as well, but Erudito seems to be friend to you, as he/she is trying to get you to really see behind the facade of Abstergo. Even though we know this person is obviously an ally, we do not know the identity of this person. I…

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