Assassin's Creed V: Theatre Of War

Time period: Second World War

Assassins: William Jones (Past), Rachel Michaels (Past), _______ Miles (Present)

Weapons/Tools: Gas mask, Hidden blade, Two knives, Rope dart, Rifle

New features: Assassin's robe is a navy green, hidden blade no longer ejects

Rachel Michaels

A female assassin who appears in the first part of the game who is a spy in the household of Robert Jones, templar father of: William Jones. William saves Rachel from a bombing and she invites him into the assassin order.

William Jones

A boy who is extremely agile and who fights in the first world war, he marries Rachel, explaining why both of them are playable.

______ Miles

This character can be created by the player in the beginning of the game. The player turns out to be the son/daughter of Desmond Miles (Desmond was unaware of his child). It turns out that the player has been looking into the memories of Desmond all along, entering a new phase of the bleeding effect.

Playable character

Bleeding effect on this character is different, he/she can look into peoples eyes and she a colour that will indicate which allegence they are. The game will include a lot more present day action.


The player has to stop Juno enslaving humanity, to do that he/she has to find powerful pieces of Eden and stop her.

Assassin's Creed: Sands of the First Civilization

Time period: Cleopatras reign

Assassins: ديزموند (This is Desmond in Arabic, this is the assassin Desmond Miles was named after)

Weapons/Tools: Hidden blade, Rope dart, Sword, Two knives

New features: Hidden blade doesn't eject, assassins have face masks to protect them from sand storms

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