More than a few fans have entertained the idea of an Assassin's Creed being set in Feudal Japan. While of them have their own ideas and views on how it should be done, I would like to share my own.

When the story begins, the main protagonist would be part of an Assassin crew sent from the West to establish a Brotherhood in Japan, which has been recently discovered by the Western World. However, not all of the Assassins survive the journey, and it's left to the protagonist and a handful of others to continue the mission. But once they make port in Japan, they soon find out that the island is already populated by other factions, most of them unfriendly. While the Assassins struggle to fit in and establish their Brotherhood, they would contend with the island's politics, local ninja clans who feel threatened by the Assassins, and samurai warriors.

If done properly, the gameplay could be spectacular. Feudal Japan had a plethora of weapons, ranging from shurikens to chain sickles, or even a good old-fashioned katana. Duel with samurai warriors, survive ninja assassination attempts, the possibilities are quite exciting, don't you think? In addition, the story could utilize powerful themes such as identity crisis or cultural conflict. What do you think?

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