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  • Dragonzzilla

    More than a few fans have entertained the idea of an Assassin's Creed being set in Feudal Japan. While of them have their own ideas and views on how it should be done, I would like to share my own.

    When the story begins, the main protagonist would be part of an Assassin crew sent from the West to establish a Brotherhood in Japan, which has been recently discovered by the Western World. However, not all of the Assassins survive the journey, and it's left to the protagonist and a handful of others to continue the mission. But once they make port in Japan, they soon find out that the island is already populated by other factions, most of them unfriendly. While the Assassins struggle to fit in and establish their Brotherhood, they would contend…

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  • Dragonzzilla

    Discuss anything and everything you want in future Assassin's Creed games, if you want any more, in terms of campaign, multiplayer, user interface, combat and customization.

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  • Dragonzzilla

    Assassin Idea

    July 20, 2013 by Dragonzzilla

    I think it would be really cool if an Assassin wore a mask constantly, to hide his face due a disfigurement he suffered when at a younger age. He'd only take it off when he needed to eat, drink or when he knew he was alone. One of the facets of customization would be the ability to change his masks, though all of them would be face-obscuring. I'm a sucker for obscurity.

    Now, I'd like to ask you another question. What would be the signature weapon of this Assassin? Every Assassin's Creed game seems to have a signature weapon for the game's protagonist, like Ezio's double Hidden Blades in AC2 or Conner's tomahawk and pivot blade in AC3. I had the idea of a Hidden Blade that used clockwork to extend the blade to multiple levels, capable of act…

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