Well this sucked...

  • I bought the Friday badge.

  • I got the time off from work.

  • I planned exactly how I was going to move about the convention.

  • I even got one of my non-video game freak/fan friends to come with, so that makes it 2 badges.

  • I got approval from parents......

...But, I didn't account for them changing their minds...

Thursday evening, after I got home from work, my parents were waiting for me to have a little discussion. the felt, that since they were going to Florida for the week(left Friday morning at 8am, won't be back until late Saturday/early Sunday), and I was going to be gone all day, that it wouldn't be right to our dog. He has an enlarged heart, common for his breed (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) as they get older, that cause fluid to build up in his lungs. He takes twice daily medication, to both keep the swelling down and to prevent fluid from building up, or at the very least slow the rate at which it builds up.

Funny thing is, when I originally got approval from them, I took that into account and planned accordingly. He was going to get his morning doses from my parents before they left anyways, and I was hoping to be on the road to Boston by then, trying to beat traffic. I figured, that by 3pm, maybe 4pm, I would've had my fill of AC3 and others, and come home, again trying to beat traffic. Home by 5:30pm, 7pm at the latest, I would've given him his evening doses, and everything would've been fine.

But on the medication, he has a tendency to go to the bathroom...A LOT...and drink lots of water. They were concerned that he would pee in the house if I was gone too long, especially since he hates it when we leave the house without him during the day for school and work. I had figured if he was alone 10 hours, it wasn't a problem. They didn't see it that way. Plus, they were concerned that even if I chose to travel before morning and afternoon rush hour, traffic would have still been very dangerous, because of Boston's heavy Irish-Catholic community, and it being Good Friday, with a lot of people on the road going to see relatives in Boston.

Unfortunately, I had to agree with them on that last one right away. I came around to the dog dilemma, realizing that in his old age, he needs constant supervision, to make sure no problems occur. That night, right after the conversation, I sold my badges to the friend of mine that was going to come with me for $50. I paid $70, so on top of not going, I lost money.

I was looking forward to getting a peek at AC3 through the demo and possibly even meeting Gabe (and punching him in the face for toppers, lol :P)!!! But in the end I didn't go, missing out on a wonderful opportunity and to possibly experience the fun of electronic/gaming conventions. I would meet other fans of not just the AC Universe, but Video Games in general. Yeah some of them would've been your typical 15yo basement dwellers, or creepy 30 or 40 something’s still living at home with the basement. But there's always a few that show signs of sanity, decency, structure, self-respect, and above all cleanliness. An experience I hope to have next year, when Pax East 2013 comes rolling back.

But until then, I bid farewell. - DOP3, Le bugie sono intorno a te, ma la verità è dentro di voi 08:20, April 11, 2012 (UTC)

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