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    The follow up of my last review, this one will over the Assassin's Creed II Official Soundtrack.

    Jesper Kyd does it again; The Assassin's Creed II OST manages to keep the feel and theme of the previous game, whilst adding it's own unique flair and style to it, making for some amazing listening moments.

    1. Earth 3:58

    2. Venice Rooftops 3:18

    3. Ezio's Family 3:57

    4. Florence Tarantella 1: 52

    5. Home In Florence

    6. Approaching Target 1

    7. Approaching Target 2

    8. Venice Fight

    9. Florence Escape

    10. Tour of Vencie

    11. Flight Over Venice 1

    12. Back In Venice

    13. Dreams Of Venice

    14. Home Of The Brotherhood

    15. Leonardo's Inventions, pt. 1

    16. Venice Combat Low

    17. Venice Escape

    1. Darkness Falls In Florence 4:05

    2. Sanctuary 4:06

    3. The Madam 1:04

    4. Approaching Target …

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    The other day I downloaded the Assassin's Creed and Assassin's Creed 2 Original Soundtracks from iTunes.

    It goes without saying, I loved, (not "liked", LOVED) the albums. From playing the game, you get a good feel for the music, but... it's fair to say you will get a totally new experience from putting in your headphones and just letting the music flow.

    1. City of Jerusalem 3:11

    2. Flight Through Jerusalem 3:39

    3. Spirit of Damascus 1:31

    4. Trouble in Jerusalem 4:04

    5. Acre Underworld 3:24

    6. Access the Animus 9:34

    7. Dunes of Death 1:46

    8. Masyaf in Danger 3:43

    9. Meditation Begins 2:47

    10. Meditation of the Assassin 3:43

    11. The Bureau 3:12

    Jesper has really outdone himself on this one. Assassin's Creed really emphasizes both the action and slower paced …

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