the piece of Eden.

Everyone knows about the pieces of Eden in Assassins Creed. not everyone knows that they are going to make a movie about it that will come out in may 2015. It's going about the first part of the Assassins Creed story (Assassins Creed 1). For the people who can't remember the first Asssassins Creed here's a little memory support. The first Assassins Creed whas in 1165 – 1257 with the Assassins Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad. This whas the ancestor of Desmond Miles. The movie is about Desmond miles who's kidnapped by Abstergo Industries and put him in to the Animus so he could connect with his ancestors. they tol him that he was serving for the Assassins. Instead of using the aple in a good way his master Al Mualim thought different about it when he possest the Apple of Eden. when he had the Apple he could posess the mids of people and when he knew that power he abused it. The only Assassin who figgured out ( Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad ) the truth went to masyaf to stop Al Mualim. When Al Mualim used the apple on Altair he figgured out that Altair had a stronger mind then he thought so the fight whas already decided. this is a short overview of what happend in Assassins creed 1.

The movie

In the Assassins movie you are going to see more of Desmond instead of altair like they did in the game. Most of the Assassins Creed players are interested in the game play and the Assassin story. And alot of people forget that Desmond also has a great strory in the Assassin line. So in the movie you figure out more about Desmond and his own story.
Ezio's Apple render