Assassin's Creed: Into the New World is a future Assassin's Creed game.

The story features D'Artagnan de Winter, a new Master Assassin, as he strives to find the fabled Dead Man's Chest, a Piece of Eden which gives its master control over the seas. Also looking for the chest is the British Templars in Port Royal.


Sometime in 2012, Subject 18 was captured by Abstergo Industries (a situation similar to Desmond Miles) and forced into the Animus. He is the descendant of Master Assassin D'Artagnan de Winter, leader of the Assassins in France. Subject 18 begins sychronizing from a memory set in 1700.

Into the New World

In Paris, France, King Louis XIV summons D'Artagnan de Winter, Grand Master of the French Assassins, who sends him to assassinate several important Templars in the city that the French believed to be working for the English. The Assassins' alliance with the French monarchy was a turning point in the Assassin-Templar war. With France as the dominant power in Europe at the time, the French Assassins gained a huge advantage over the Templars.


The game will take place in four primary locations.

  • Paris
  • London
  • Constantinople
  • Port Royal


The weapon wheel returns in this game, but weapons have evolved. The Hidden Blade and the Hookblade will remain the primary weapons in the game. The Crossbow is replaced with a musket, and the hidden gun is replaced with the pistol. However, bombs and grenades remain largely the same.