'Ok, so we all know the hate connor recives for his boring and bland personality.Does this deserve hate though? I think it was kind of fresh to have more serious killer, i meen, how fresh would it be to have another ezio? Do u think that ACIII s the end for the human tank? I meen they cant just ditch him, that sucks! Altiar had his conclusion in ACR, Ezio in ACR and ACE(short film),Edward in the ACBF(book).But where the hell is conners concluson?!? The hidden or deleted(not sure) forsaken audio, which ill post a video of, in my opinion, was one of the best '
Connor's Forsaken Epilogue soliloquy (deleted scene) - Assassin's Creed 302:38

Connor's Forsaken Epilogue soliloquy (deleted scene) - Assassin's Creed 3

You need to listen to this...seriously..purely amazing.

speeches' in Assassins Creed and should of been in the final game.I have a strong guess, whith out any research, that mabye Connor introduced the order to france? To be honest that would be kind of ridiculous becuase the Assassins in ACU look to good too be only about 6 years old (thats only if conner immediatly left America to france!!!). So do you think they are just abandoning Connor '
or what?

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