Hello, everyone. Now, I know there are some feelings about fan productions around here, particularly about sappy fangirls who go out of the canon. Well, here is some worthwhile watching for those of you willing to go to the darkside... (Note: some are multipart and have spin-offs by other users. Make sure you find the right ones!)

1. Initiation


Initiation is an one-part, early story of Altaïr, particularly his introduction to the Assassins. The detail, animation, and visuals are very impressive for a fan-released, free production. Animated in the vein of Ascendance, it was created by TheDuoGroup.


Altair journeyed with his brothers to a traditional Assassin proving ground. As Al-Mualim ordered, Altair was lowered into a vast cave system to begin the age-old ritual. Though the journey was long and arduous, Altair crossed where many of his brothers had -- and some hadn't -- to a cavern lit by a single light source. There he received his Hidden Blade from a Mistress Assassin and forfeited his left ring finger as an act of faith. After placing his bloody handprint beside those of his brothers, he performed his first leap of faith and claimed the characteristic red cloth he would wear around his waist, now a member of the Brotherhood in truth.

2. Vengeance


Vengeance is an entirely new fan-created storyline of a modern-day Assassin contained in a five-part YouTube posting by EagleEye117. There is a short connection with canon Ezio's visit to Spain. This is the longest and best done of live-action fan production, in my opinion.


Alexander, the main modern-day character, conducted an operation against Abstergo agents, collecting a valuable item -- the helmet of Achilles -- for the local Master Assassin, Shepherd. Upon turning the item over, he told the Master that he was done with the Assassin-Templar conflict. His younger sister had been protected by his membership and activities, and X assumed she would continue to be safe. On his way to meet her and her new boyfriend for dinner, he received a phone call that she was in the hospital and a voicemail from her as she was being murdered. The boyfriend, Max, fled the scene but was later found by Alexander at Max's home. Alexander chased him in a vicious gunfight but was ambushed and rendered unconscious by a black-robed Templar, who identified him by retinal scan.

Alexander awoke as Hasan ibn Al-Shahin, an assassin in Syria in the year 1202 A.D. Attacked by a number of black-robed figures (fellow Assassins), he proved himself ready for his own mission, orders for which he received from Altaïr himself while the Grand Master was writing his Codex. The mission was to retrieve an artifact lost by the Assassins on a journey from Damascus. (An interlude revealed Alexander to be Abstergo's Subject 18.) Hasan met the Templar convoy on the road and quickly defeated the lone guard. The artifact-carrier, though she attempted to flee, was caught and the artifact (the Golden Fleece) retrieved. Hasan returned to Masyaf with the artifact, having spared the carrier. Altaïr rewarded Hasan's discretion and promoted him to the rank of a member of the Assassin brotherhood.

Alexander was transferred to the memories of his ancestor in Spain, 1492 A.D. His ancestor met with a Templar Cardinal -- Gaspar Martinez -- right before the execution of a member of the Spanish Assassin's Guild. Disguised as a priest, the ancestor approached the guards and rescued his friend. Other guards rallied to capture the Assassins, but they met with only their own swift ends.

Alexander awoke in an Animus in an Abstergo facility. He was rescued by a modern-day cell of Assassins. Disoriented and suffering from the Bleeding Effect, Alexander was helped out of the facility by one of the Brotherhood, and both were driven away by another. The next time Alexander was awake, he was in an Assassin hideout with the other members of the cell (Kenny, Dante, and Elizabeth) discussing the purpose of Alexander's abduction. Alexander recounted his ancestors' memories and tried to leave. The Assassins persuaded him to stay, in return for which they would help him avenge his sister.

Alexander met up with another Assassin operative outside his own home. Armed with mid- and long-range rifles, they eliminated the two watchmen in tandem and effected a rapid entry to the house. When they found no-one on the first floor, they retrieved the sword of Altaïr, only to have Alexander black-out as a hidden guard snuck up on them. Luckily, the other operative had secreted himself.

Alexander in the meantime had retreated into Hasan's memories. In particular, he was being chastised by Altaïr for good work despite having remained with the older traditions of the Middle-Ages Assassins that the Grand Master was trying to replace. Having argued his case, Hasan was given a new mission: to recover the Armor of Altaïr and take it to Altaïr's son in Venice. Hasan was given the Sword of Altaïr and made the Master Assassin of Spain.

As the Templar agent was being dealt with, Alexander awoke and followed the operative in a hasty retreat.

Alexander re-entered his Assassin ancestor's memories as the Renaissance Assassin in Spain. A Templar, Gaspar Martínez, had captured several Assassins, and no word had come from Raphael. Further, a new Assassin had come to Spain from Venice and disappeared into the Thieves' District. The ancestor tried to follow the newcomer, consistently observing guards disappearing mysteriously. The ancestor, Alejandro Vinceo, found Gaspar already dead and a housekeeper frightened into silence by the killer.

Alejandro performed a Leap of Faith only to overhear the conversation of a pair of local Templar-aligned guards, one of whom fell to a bench assassination while he was on guard. Two more, guarding a captured Assassin, were removed and the captive rescued as Ezio revealed himself to be the new arrival. Alejandro redirected Ezio to Raphael to rescue the captured Assassins.

Currently in a laptop version of the Animus, Alexander resumed Alejandro's memories in the Spanish Assassin's Guild as Ezio was about to leave to deal with Savonarola. Torquemada at this time was in possession of the Golden Fleece and executing the orders of Rodrigo Borgia to capture any exposed Assassins. Ezio and Alejandro snuck past the guards into the Templar prison and eliminated those inside. They faced Torquemada and his empty claims of conducting the Inquisition in a search for peace. Guards held back the Assassins, though they were easily ended by a trick Ezio had used in the old Roman theater outside San Gimignano. Removing any guards in his way, Ezio faced Torquemada and lost. Alejandro, using a smoke bomb, rescued him and obtained the Fleece.

Alexander, knowing where the Fleece was hidden, followed the other operative to Spain and Alejandro's former guild. He suffered a flashback in the Bleeding Effect of Alejandro's and Ezio's parting and discovered the Fleece gone. Using the sword of Altaïr as a marker, he forced a Bleeding-Effect relapse into Hasan's memories as Hasan was meeting Isabella, the Templar he had spared ten years prior. They met in a sword-duel, Isabella falling to the Assassin's blade.

Speaking to the other operative and Shepherd, Alexander guided the Assassins to Italy to look for Altaïr's Armor, thought to be in Rome. Alexander flew to Rome, trying to meet with an operative named Raphael who did not appear. Alexander entered a local office-fspace agency, a Templar front, only to find the personnel dead or unconscious. Searching the premises, he encountered a Templar agent who fled to his companions. They opened fire on Alexander, who managed to take cover behind some shelves. As the Templars spread out to find him, Alexander hid in the upper shelves and eliminated some of them. He put on Altaïr's armor and killed all but the last Templar who was wearing the Golden Fleece. Wounded by the Templar between the plates of Altaïr's armor, Alexander was in dire straits until the Templar shed the Fleece to kill him and died under his Hidden Blade. Alexander relapsed through the Bleeding Effect to Alejandro giving Ezio the Fleece as Alexander lost consciousness.

3. Artefact


Artefact (yes, that's how it's spelled) takes a Japanese-based modern-day Assassin and pits him against Europe's Fronteracorp, another Templar front. Personally, for a fanfilm, I found the martial arts choreography worthwhile, as was the story. The film is two-part and produced by WenCuts2.


Taka, a modern-day Assassin, received orders to defend the artifact at Yonaguni from the efforts of a Templar front company. The Templars had once controlled this artifact, having found its location in Japan from an archive under the Tower of Pisa. The Assassins stole it from them and placed it under the protection of a potent guardian. Recently, the Templars had acquired a map to the treasure's location and placed it in the hands of Katerina Gin, the director of the Templar Fronteracorp. A Templar meeting was held in Pisa, Italy, to set in motion a plan to eliminate the Assassins, and Fronteracorp agents Verona Otelli and Tanna Reyes met at Dr. Adriano's mansion to have him decode the Assassin map. The map, encrypted with a Caesarian-shift cipher, was easily broken to say "We hid it somewhere between water and earth. Adriano pulled out some notes and found it to be a reference to the island of Yonaguni.

While Fronteracorp operatives planned their retrieval attempt, Taka entered their headquarters to assassinate the director. Vicious hand-to-hand combat was quickly exchanged for a weapons fight. Tanna intervened to stop the Assassin, drawing on the fact he had spared her once before. He left with only a warning, while Katerina retreated to see her ailing son.

Taka raised questions with his master about the need for so much death. In return he was told it was to keep the balance and to beware a one-eyed man. Meanwhile, Verona was betrayed by Michel Darelli, a Templar plant. In the ensuing knife-fight, Verona was killed but not before she took Michel's right eye and alerted the rest of Fronteracorp to his betrayal.

Tanna and Katerina immediately left to retrieve the artifact but were almost killed by the artifact's guardian, had Taka not intervened. Taka agreed to help the two Fronteracorp operatives stop the Templar plot and made his way to Michel's Templar stronghold. The artifact was recovered, though Michel escaped. Taka seemingly left the artifact with Fronteracorp (in truth hiding it within his robes), healed the child, and kept the artifact, hoping to eventually give this Piece of Eden to Desmond Miles to stop the coming apocalypse.

4. Generations


Generations is now a three-part fanfilm of a modern-day Assassin. Choreography is best in the third, but the camerawork makes this one worth watching. It tracks the evolution of Theo, a modern-day Assassin, and a couple of ops he runs. The story is short but interesting. No in-depth revelations about the series are revealed, and the hidden blades in the first and third feel a bit too "safe" to be authentic. The series also has a habit for fudging the symbols to avoid the chance of plagiarism. Despite these flaws, the editing and soundtrack matching is peerless in these, and the original costuming (baring the weaponry) is ideal. It's produced by QuiggzVash.

5. We Know What We Are


This video went viral as a free promotion of the Assassin's Creed franchise and is well-known enough to warrant a place here. It was also made by TheDuoGroup.

I'd highly recommend watching all of these. Thanks, all!

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