Qing Dynasty China (1600s-1700s): This is an age of the dawn of foreigners arriving and settling in East Asia. 

Gaming Elements:

  • Naval Combat: Junks (Finned Sailed Ships), Wokou and Chinese Pirates, Imperial Merchants/Navy
  • Both Hidden Blade AND poisoned throwing needles
  • Variety of weapons both medieval melee and firepower
  • Extra adaptive and controlled hand combat formats (martial arts). Includes high kicks to the head for a knockout, low kicks and tripping, as well as pressure points
  • Extra weapon combat
  • Grappling hooks
  • More effective eagle vision for detecting certain weapons and amounts of money on targets.
  • No desynchronizing by killing civilians, however these acts will attract guards and other
  • Highwaymen and theives
  • Ability to pickpocket
  • Firecrackers for distraction
  • Disguises: Servant, Noble, or Peasant
  • Synchronize with WANTED papers
  • Calvalry Combat
  • Put poison in food
  • Underwater blowdarts
  • Riverboat Battles and Traveling
  • Use furniture objects other things (Ex: Chairs, Beer/Wine Bottles, Kitchen knives) in battle.
  • Use cannons on terrain combat
  • Torch funnels (Flamethrower's Ancestor)

American Civil War:

  • Explore mid-1800s version world of AC3 as wells as the Mid-West frontier
  • Free Slaves

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