Well, it appears I scored my first 10K DM!! I was playing against a 7*, which isn't easy, but somehow I did it! I was playing as The Hessian. Well, to be fair, I'll post the set I used...





Kill Buffer

Mass Morph (Normal)

Minor Hack.

To be nice, I'll take it through step by step..

Disguise is an amazing tool on offense and defense. As long as you don't make it obvious (Ex. Appearing around a corner right in front of your pursuer), it works wonders on defense. A lot of people fall for it, easy stun!  On offense, it's extremely unpredictable. If you can stay unspected for that long, it allows for a focus bonus. For amazing results, imitate the Civilian walk for even more fun.

Poison is... just a duh. I have it crafted for 300 points, and combined with other bonuses allows for MAJOR scoring kills. If you have a smoke-happy target, combine with disguise. 

Knives... Use for knife stuns, never use on offense. Most people use smoke bombs as their stun tool, I use knives. Knives has a far smaller cooldown, the only disadvantages are that you will be met with lots of offense smoke bombs to counter, and that sometimes knife stuns just don't want to work. 

Resilence... I replaced this with cooldowns. Resilence is just such an all-around fooler! I use it most often against that pesky offensive smoke, so when they take too long to stun me, the smoke ends early and I can still pull off that contested kill. '

Kill Buffer... Because Mass Morph is awesome.

Mass Morph... By far the most underrated kill streak in the game. With a minor amount of work to do with kill buffer suddenly you have FIFTEEN other people looking like you. In DM, that's priceless. Not only is it hilarious watching your pursuer try to figure out which bloody Hessian you are, but its EFFECTIVE. On Offense it allows for hidden kills easily cause targets wont know which one to suspect. Just trust me, good and funny things happen when MM goes off.

Minor Hack... Not only does it contribute toward your variety bonuses, but it just allows for some de-tox after raging at 5 losses in a row. 

No smoke? Mass morph? KILL BUFFER!?

Yes, it's hard to believe... But it really does work. Thanks for reading!

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