• Dacoqrs

    First 10K DM

    January 6, 2013 by Dacoqrs

    Well, it appears I scored my first 10K DM!! I was playing against a 7*, which isn't easy, but somehow I did it! I was playing as The Hessian. Well, to be fair, I'll post the set I used...





    Kill Buffer

    Mass Morph (Normal)

    Minor Hack.

    To be nice, I'll take it through step by step..

    Disguise is an amazing tool on offense and defense. As long as you don't make it obvious (Ex. Appearing around a corner right in front of your pursuer), it works wonders on defense. A lot of people fall for it, easy stun!  On offense, it's extremely unpredictable. If you can stay unspected for that long, it allows for a focus bonus. For amazing results, imitate the Civilian walk for even more fun.

    Poison is... just a duh. I have it crafted fo…

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